figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung

A new space is a new opportunity. Use it.
Use it.

Figo designs authentic spaces that make your identity and image come alive – visually, sensually, emotionally. We create concepts that can be felt, that invite you to look more closely, that are fresh and unique. Concept, form, and colour merge into a single functional unit.

figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung
  • Spatial concepts / Restructuring (Commercial / Residential / Offices / Practices)
  • Interior design / Furniture planning
  • Customised shop design
  • Market analyses / Brand briefing / Store checks
  • Shop-in-shop / Pop-up concepts
  • PoS communication
  • Mood concepts / 3-D visualisations

Planning and Design

Shopplanung - figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung

Hand in Hand.

Creativity needs a good plan. With our planning department, we can offer all classic architectural services for holistic brand staging at the Point of Sale. Every project comes with its own challenges and requires a conscientious analysis and overall planning. During the entire planning and execution process, Figo serves as your central contact and provides advice and assistance along the way.

figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung, Shopplanung
  • Consultancy for site selection
  • Building structure check
  • Basic evaluation, pre-planning
  • Design and approval planning
  • Execution and detailed planning
  • Tendering
  • Construction supervision

Project Management

Projektmanagement - figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung

In time / in quality / in budget.

Discuss. Coordinate. Optimise – always with an eye on the time plan. We know the consequences little errors have in the construction process. Or a missed delivery. That’s why we commit all of our experience and diligence during project management. We handle quality and cost control, coordinate all processes and prepare decisions for you. We will successfully manage your project through to completion, constantly focusing on our shared goal.

This allows you to fully dedicate your time to your core business while your market presence keeps expanding.

figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung, Projektmanagement
  • Scheduling building activities
  • Coordinating all trades
  • Structuring revision documents
  • Central point of contact
  • Handovers / Inspections
  • Follow-up management

Building Construction

Bauleitung - figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung

Right on schedule.

Creative planning requires structured implementers. Together with our builders and long-term partner companies, our experienced construction managers will give you a sense of security in knowing that all construction measures are being carried out in the best possible manner. Practical, competent, and careful. From the first draft through to the last detail.

To make sure your success rests on a stable foundation. Whether a flagship store, offices, or a café around the corner. A single shop or rolling out 100 shops per year.

figo GmbH, Bauleitung, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung
  • Painting
  • Flooring, tilling
  • Air conditioning and ventilation system heating
  • Electrical installations, Alarm systems, electroacoustics, sprinkler, Sanitary
  • indow displays, HSW, metalwork
  • Dry wall construction
  • Construction supervision
  • Shopfitting (construction / production / assemply)

Facility Management

Facilty Management - figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung

We take care.

You opened the door to your customers. Now everything needs to go smoothly. Figo provides competent, custom solutions for all services related to technical facility management. We will repair, maintain, review and optimise your building facilities. Problems? Simply phone us and we’ll be there: any day, around the clock

figo GmbH, Facility Management, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung
  • Quality inspections
  • Maintenance, inspection and service
  • Custom facility management structure
  • Emergency management / 24 h / 7 d
  • Repair management

Digital Retail FM

Digital Retail FM - figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung

More control and efficiency.

Growing a company takes a lot of energy. Our integral retail facility management will support you with shop and system energy efficiency to lower your operating costs and protecting natu-ral resources. Our systems and services ensure the transparency and security you need.

figo GmbH, DRFM, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung, Shopplanung
  • Building control
  • System monitoring
  • Online Data management
  • Notification systems
  • Remote maintenance

Project Development

Projektentwicklung - figo GmbH, Shopkonzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung

Projects are carried by your visions.

Everything starts with an opportunity… a plot of land… an idea… a vision.

With the help of future-oriented planning and our own know-how, we collaborate with you in a customer-oriented, transparent way to develop interesting real-estate investments, creating value that endure and provide a sense of purpose in the process.

With years of experience and a wide-ranging professional network in the fields of architecture, construction, finance and law, we create sound analyses, find optimal solutions, and implement structural, economic and administrative processes in a successful and results-oriented manner.

figo GmbH, Projektentwicklung, Shopconzepte, Shopdesign, Ladenbau, Projektleitung, Shopplanung
  • Estimating the market position / rental value of a property
  • Determining the market position at the macro and micro location
  • Analysing land quality
  • Clarifying and establishing building leases
  • Close cooperation with the municipal institutions
  • Determining all data relevant to costing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Negotiating property and inventory purchases